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Volume 2 | Number 2 | November 2010 v2i2.29 taprobanica 2 2


Volume 2 | Number 2 | November 2010
ISSN: 1800-427X (print)
eISSN: 1800-427X (online)

Published date: 30 April 2011
Pp. 65–71

EDITORIAL : Asian Agamid lizards (Agamidae, Acrodonta, Sauria, Reptilia) : Phylogenetic and taxonomic diversity

Natalia B. Ananjeva
Section Editor: Taprobanica, the journal of Asian Biodiversity

The Southeast Asian-Indonesian and Australian-New Guinean tectonic plates have both been hypothesized to be centers of origin of agamid lizards. The Asian continent housed a number of hotspots of plant and animal diversity and endemism, important for the conservation of biodiversity on a global scale. There are many threatened areas in tropical Asia in terms of destruction of tropical rain forest as an environment with a unique biota and herpetofauna in particular. New intensive studies of the Asian fauna as well as new opportunities offered by molecular methods make it clear that taxonomic diversity is underestimated, especially in South and Southeast Asia. The aim of this paper is to show the taxonomic diversity of different evolutionary lineages and the distribution of agamids by sub region in Asia.
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