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Volume 5 | Number 2 | November 2013 v5i2.113 taprobanica 5 2 cover low


Volume 5 | Number 2 | November 2013
Short Note
ISSN: 1800-427X (print)
eISSN: 1800-427X (online)

Submitted date: 13 April 2013
Accepted date: 16 November 2013
Published date: 25 December 2013
Pp. 144–147, Pl. 5.

Taxonomic notes on two Jasminum species (Oleaceae) from India

E.S.S. Kumar & A. Sabeena
*Corresponding author. E-mail: santhoshkumares@gmail.com

During systematic studies of Jasminum L. in Kerala, the authors collected a curious species from the wild as well as from cultivation. Critical study based on relevant literature and type material allowed us to identify the plant as J. azoricum L. Consultation of other regional herbaria in India revealed that several similar specimens were erroneously determined as J. flexile and many sheets of J. flexile were identified as J. azoricum. Searching the literature and other regional floras showed considerable confusion about the identity of these two species in India.

Section Editor: James L. Reveal
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