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Volume 7 | Number 4 | November 2015 v7i4.205 cover 74


Volume 7 | Number 4 | November 2015
Short Note
ISSN: 1800-427X (print)
eISSN: 1800-427X (online)

Submitted date: 10 February 2015
Accepted date: 31 July 2015
Published date: 15 August 2015
Pp. 266–267, Pl. 12.

First record of Gynacantha millardi (Odonata: Aeshnidae) from Sri Lanka

T.M.T.S. Priyadarshana*, G.V.I.H. Wijewardana, N. van der Poorten & A.L.A.C. Jayasooriya
*Corresponding author. E-mail: tharakas.priyadarshana@gmail.com

Sri Lanka is a tropical island in the Indian Ocean, with a land area of 65,610 km2. In spite of its small size, the island has a variety of ecosystems with significant species diversity. There are 124 dragonfly and damselfly species identified from the island; 49.2% of them are endemic to Sri Lanka comprising 52 species and 9 subspecies. Although a listing of 124 species is substantial, not all species are common; some may be widespread and uncommon.

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