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Volume 11 | Number 1 | May 2022 v11i1.275 volume 11 number 1 low


Volume 11 | Number 1 | May 2022
Short Note
ISSN: 1800-427X (printed)
eISSN: 1800-427X (online)

Submitted date: 21 August 2021
Accepted date: 13 January 2022
Published date: 23 May 2022
Pp. 33–34

Hersilia sp. feeding on Scolopendra sp.

R. Gazdar*, P. Joshi, A. Shinde & V. Kulkarni
*Corresponding author. E-mail: roozbehgazdar@gmail.com

Spiders are efficient hunters that prey on a variety of invertebrates and vertebrates. They rely on strategies varying from the use of toughened silk to venom. The genus Hersilia Audouin 1826 is called two-tailed spiders due to its characteristic long spinnerets. It is distributed across the Afrotropical, Oriental and Australasian realms. Currently there are five species known to occur in India: Hersilia savignyi Lucas 1836, H. sumatrana Thorell 1890, H. tibialis Baehr & Baehr 1993, H. orvakalensis Javed, Foord & Tampal 2010, and H. longivulva Sen, Saha & Raychaudhuri 2010.

Section Editor: Manju Siliwal
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