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Submitted date: 07 June 2011
Accepted date: 13 July 2011
Published date: 30 July 2011
Pp. 31–37.


Arttatrana Pal*, Mitali Madhusmita Swain & Swapnananda Rath
*Corresponding author. E-mail: gprszsipatna@rediffmail.com

This paper presents the results of a two-year study of the sexual dichromatism, breeding, clutch size and development in a population of Sitana ponticeriana, conducted at Balukhand-Konark Wildlife Sanctuary, Orissa, India. Sexual dimorphism appears as a brighter overall colouration with red and dark blue gular pouch develops as outward projection at the neck. In the breeding season, mature males have crimson-red or brick-red colour at the base of the tail. Lizards start courtship in the early morning and afternoon, depending on the ambient temperature, during the early monsoons. Vitellogenic and gravid females occur simultaneously in early and mid-summer, and lay eggs during the onset of rains. Potentially, 2-3 clutches of 6- 23 eggs (mean 17.39 ± 4.39 eggs/clutch) are produced by each female each year. The smallest gravid female contained more eggs than larger ones. Eggs collected late in the reproductive season were significantly larger than those collected earlier. Freshly laid eggs are elliptical; during development, the shape, size and volume of the eggs were changed; hatchling success observed after 39 days of incubation.

Key words : ambient temperature, clutch size, development, Fan-throated lizard, India

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