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Submitted date: 19 January 2013
Accepted date: 8 February 2013
Published date: 15 June 2013
Pp. 69–70, Pls. 9–10.

Rediscovery of Ophiorrhiza radicans (Rubiaceae) from the southern Western Ghats, India

E.S.S. Kumar*, S.S. Kumari & P.E. Roy
*Corresponding author. E-mail: santhoshkumares@gmail.com

As part of the collection and ex–situ conservation of the rare, endangered and threatened plants of the Southern Western Ghats, Ophiorrhiza radicans Gardner ex Thwaites (1859) was rediscovered from the Rosemala Estate of the Kollam District in Kerala after 119 years of its last record. The identity was confirmed by cross–matching the new collection with the type specimen (Sri Lanka, C.P. Thwaites 1706, K!) housed at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

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Hubungi Kami
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