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Submitted date: 19 December 2013
Accepted date: 5 February 2014
Published date: 30 August 2014
Pp. 135–136, Pl. 14.

Canscora stricta Sedgw. (Gentianaceae): an endemic species of Western Ghats

M.P. Geethakumary, A.G. Panduranga*, & P. Ravichandran
*Corresponding author. E-mail: agpandurangan@gmail.com

The genus Canscora Lam, known presently from Africa, Australia and tropical Asia, is represented in India by 13 species of which ten are found in Kerala. During our taxonomic studies of Gentianaceae in Kerala, India, the authors collected a species of Canscora from the lateritic region of northern Kerala which, on critical examination and perusal of relevant literature, proved to be Canscora stricta Sedgw., a species hitherto known only from Karnataka State of central Western Ghats.

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